Broaching an Impossible Distance (2012)

In August 2012, Brooklyn-based artist David Horvitz curated the group exhibition An Impossible Distance.  The show included 24 works by 24 artists, and would be printed on demand at your specific location.  From Horvitz:

The title, An Impossible Distance, comes from an interview I did with Lumi Tan (the interview can be found in here). In the interview the idea of the impossibility of looking into distance (at the sea) online comes up. Not only that the screen is just a few inches away from our eyes, which makes literal spatial distance pertaining to vision disappear. But also, the constant stream of content makes it impossible to just stare out. When you stare your vision extends outward into a field of space, with no distractions. Online, continuously produced content makes distraction a constant. I asked each of the artists to give an image that somehow related to the sea, whether direct or broad. This is being launched in the summer, and in a sense, it is like a day-trip to the beach. To go and look at the water. Or, maybe, it is that the beach takes a day-trip to you. These seas come to you.

On November 17, 2012, Horvitz was speaking about his practice at the Surrey Art Gallery.  That afternoon, I hand delivered a vial of seawater which I collected in September 2009 from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.