Mechanical Weathering (Ongoing)

Mechanical Weathering (ongoing, variable size) is an iterative photo-based installation. 6"x4" B&W plotter prints of mountainous landscapes are affixed to the gallery wall surface using a temporary fixative, thereby producing elements of a cohesive mountainscape across the individual prints. Fans are placed in front of the landscape and turned on for a pre-determined period of time. As the fans blow, the prints begin to weather off the surface of the gallery wall. Once the initial act of weathering is complete, the fans are removed, and the gallery curator chooses a set of prints remaining fixed to the wall. The chosen prints are then exhibited individually on the wall, and the rest are removed from the gallery. As a result of sustained weathering, the chosen prints are curved and bent, and continue to curve and bend after the fans are removed. The installation of the prints and curation of the final weathered prints are performed by the gallery curator, and each iteration of Mechanical Weathering is documented. The source images come from seven scientists, and originate from seven continents: Elizabeth Asher, Kristina Brown, Joel Byersdorfer, Chris Payne, Nina Schuback, Rebecca Taylor, and Kang Wang. Mechanical Weathering was first exhibited at Sierra Nevada College Gallery (Incline Village, Nevada) in January, 2013. The second iteration was at Access Gallery (Vancouver, BC) as part of the group exhibition, Far Away So Close III (2015).